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Gastcoin Gateway

The decentralized Payment Gateway. Charging with cryptocurrencies in your online store is no longer just a fantasy because of our free and easy-to-implement public plugin that turns Woocommerce into a dapp.


Pay in crypto-assets with Metamask

Your customers can now pay directly and quickly from their Metamask wallets! We will redirect them to it to make the payment in a matter of seconds.


Blockchain recorded all payments

As a fully decentralized system, transactions are recorded in each block that integrates the chain, thus having transparency and total security as its main characteristic; since all blocks have to approve the transaction to be carried out. This eliminates centralized intermediaries as validators of exchanges between users; leaving in the past: banking entities with their respective commissions. The control of the movements is in the hands of the users, creating a large book of indelible and immutable records distributed in each node of the chain.