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How to pay with Gastcoin Gateway

In 4 simple steps your ecommerce customers will be able to pay for your products or services, without having to scan QR codes or perform actions, maximising conversion.

4 steps to enjoy the benefits of stable cryptocurrency commerce


Click to pay with Gastcoin Gateway

Gastcoin Gateway is inclusive and integrates into your ecommerce along with other payment methods.


Select wallet

The user selects the wallet with which he/she wishes to make the payment. Currently supported wallets are Metamask and Trust Wallet.


Select payment token

Next, the stablecoin must be selected. By default USDT and BUSD are displayed. In settings you can add your own token, activate EURT, BTC or ETH (coming soon).


Confirm payment

The customer must authorise payment as the fourth and final step.

Automatic step

Confirmation of payment

This is not a step. After completing the payment, the user will be able to see the transaction confirmation in BSCScan.

Increase your sales to the next level with Gastcoin Gateway