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Law firm in Spain accepts online payments with cryptocurrencies

Wizner & Co is a law firm specializing in criminal, labor, family and intellectual property law based in Móstoles and providing services throughout Spain.

The firm incorporates tax advice on cryptocurrencies and cryptoactives into its portfolio of services, as well as the presentation of model 720.

Wizner & Co, which until now supported payments by bank transfer and Bizum incorporates payment with stable cryptocurrencies on its website, demonstrating, in the words of its founding partner Fabio Wizner, a “commitment to the technological future and the economy of the 21st century”

The type of cryptocurrencies accepted for the payment of legal services are the stablecoins USDT and BUSD, cryptocurrencies that maintain a stable exchange rate with respect to the fiduciary currency of the dollar.

The payment gateway implemented to allow payments with stablecoins is Gastcoin Gateway, developed by the Spanish company Gastcoin S.L., to which it provides these legal services.

“Most payment gateways allow transactions with highly volatile cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), which generates a high risk for the company’s accounting,” says Cristian Sánchez, CEO of Gastcoin S.L.

The objective of this symbiosis is to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency advice “up to date and allowing payment with cryptocurrencies is an action consistent with this objective,” said Gustavo Sandoval, general director of Gastcoin S.L.

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