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Descentralized trade

Token pre-sale coming soon.

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Descentralized trade

What is Gastcoin Gateway?

Gastcoin Gateway is the gateway to decentralized trading.

We currently have a WordPress plugin that allows charging in $USDT, $BUSD and $GAST. Gastcoin Gateway allows any merchant in the world easy integration to cash out with crypto assets.


Uses of Gastcoin Gateway
with Woocommerce

Decentralized trade

Download Gastcoin Gateway

Información del token

Gastcoin GAST

Network: Polygon MATIC

URL: https://polygon…08e1c23

Supply: 2,100,000,000

  • Private Investors: 5%
  • IDO: 20%
  • ICO: 10%
  • Marketing (5 years): 10%
  • Development (5 years): 5% Development
  • Team (5 years): 10%
  • Liquidity: 22%
  • Reserves: 15%
  • Airdrop: 3%

Preventa Privada

Start date: Waiting for the CNMV

End date: Waiting for the CNMV

Tokens: 105,000,000

Target: 100,000 USD

Minimum purchase: 100 USD

Maximum purchase: 5,000 USD

Preventa pública

Preventa Pública

Start date: Waiting for CNMV

End date: Waiting for CNMV

Tokens: 420,000,000

Target: 1,280,000 USD

Minimum purchase: 10 USD

Maximum purchase: 3,000 USD


Launch: 1 USD = 262.50 GAST

Private pre-sale: 1 USD = 1,050.00 GAST

Public pre-sale: 1 USD = 328.12 GAST