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¿What is BankCEX?,Advantages and disadvantages of unsing it

¿What is BankCEX?

BankCEX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange from Singapore that opened in 2017.

Likewise, this exchange is focused on driving mass adoption, end-user experience, and regulatory compliance.

Its main mission is to bring opportunity to the masses and drive universal continuity throughout society by implementing blockchain technologies.

The BankCEX platform is designed for novice and professional market participants alike and is delivered through a seamless front-end experience and customizable interface.

Cryptocurrencies available

This platform has 30 most traded trading pairs on BankCEX and they are as follows:

Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, Zcash, Cardano, Ethereum, XRP, Dash, Stellar, Litecoin, Meta, Doctor, Litecoin, Bankcoin, Autobusd, VEKTOR, Stellar. Happy Birthday Coin, MetaPay, TRON, OMG Network, Neo.

How to create an account in BankCEX

Next we will show you how to create a BankCEX account, so let’s get started.

Note: creating a BankCEX account could be a bit complicated and the process can be somewhat tedious and time consuming.

The first step to take is to go to the official website of the platform.

You will see the option to install the app for your mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

¿Qué es BankCEX?

Next, we will see the “Register / Login” option, so we click to continue.

¿Qué es BankCEX?

Enter the following information: email address, password and we accept the terms and conditions.

We click on register, to continue.

¿Qué es BankCEX?

Confirm your email.

Perfect, your account has been originated, enjoy it.


It has some wacky crypto resources available.

It has an essential and advanced redemption plan.

Likewise, it incorporates a program for sending tasks.

The platform has a portable app for Android and iOS.

It has good liquidity.

Their rates are highly competitive.


Some of the crypto withdrawal resources are outrageously high.

Does not accept fiduciary deposit.

The installation and registration in the application is very slow and tedious.

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