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¿What is BKEX?

¿What is BKEX?

BKEX is a cryptocurrency platform located in the British Virgin Islands.

Self-styled as a top platform among top-tier coin exchanges.

Likewise, this platform is announced as a pioneer in “Sunny Trade” with a large share of trade.

This means that your exchange and financial transactions are monitored by third parties.

BKEX offers leveraged trading on its trading platform.

A word of caution might be helpful to someone contemplating leveraged trading.

Leveraged trading can lead to massive profits but, conversely, also equally massive losses.

Cryptocurrencies available

This platform supports more than 150 currencies, among that list are the following:

Boba Network Coin (BOBA), BoringDAO Token(BOR), Boson Protocol Token(BOSON), Bounce Token(AUCTION), bZx Protocol Token (BZRX), Casper Coin (CSPR).

ChainLink Coin(LINK), Chia Network Token (XCH), Civic Coin (CVC).

Clover Finance Token (CLV), CoinEx Token (CET), Conflux Network Token (CFX), ConstitutionDAO Token (PEOPLE).

Convex Finance Token (CVX), Cortex (CTXC), Covalent Token (CQT), Cronos Token (CRO), Crust Coin (CRU).

Darma Cash Coin (DMCH), Darwinia Network Token (RING), Dawn Protocol Token (DAWN), Define Token (DFA).

DEXTools Token (DEXT), DFI.Money Token (YFII), dForce Token (DF), dHedge DAO Token (DHT), DIA Token (DIA).

DMM: Governance Token (DMG), Dock Token (DOCK), Dodo Token (DODO), Dogelon Mars Token (ELON), dYdX Token (DYDX), Edgeware Coin (EDG).

Egretia Token (EGT), EOS Token (EOS), EQIFI Token (EQX), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ethereum Name Service Token (ENS), Ethereum (ETH).

How to create an account in BKEX

Below we will explain step by step how to create an account in BKEX.

Also, you will see that it is very easy and quick to do, so let’s start.

The first step to perform is to install the application on our mobile device.

Remember that the app is available for Android and iOS devices.

¿Qué es BKEX?

Next, on the home page, we will see the option “Click to log in”, so we click to continue.

¿Qué es BKEX?

In the upper right part we will see the option “Register” so we click to start the proper registration.

You can register with your email or phone number, we recommend using the first option, for greater comfort.

Next, you must enter your email, password and accept the terms and conditions of the app.

¿Qué es BKEX?

Verify your email.

Answer the security questions.

Perfect your account has been originated, enjoy it.


They have relatively cheap commercial rates.

BKX does not charge deposit fees.

It has a wide range of cryptocurrencies listed.

Available for Android and iOS.


The platform is not regulated by known financial watchdog authorities.

Their own users have been dissatisfied as they encounter a wide variety of problems with withdrawals.


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