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What is Dogecoin


¿What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency launched on December 6, 2013 by its developers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer.

It was registered to the market with the reputation of being a meme coin.

This cryptocurrency does not have an official institution or a CEO, it is its own users who support and promote Dogecoin.

Doge has become one of the most fundamental coins in the market with a return of 5000% in 2021.

Its popularity has skyrocketed in an overwhelming way, thanks in part to the widespread adoption of other currencies but generally over Bitcoin.

The most notorious and special supporter of dogecoin has been the businessman Elon Musk.

Since with his influence on the networks and with more than 50 million followers he can make the currency skyrocket with just one tweet.

What does Dogecoin offer?

DOGE offers speed and minimal or almost zero fees when making payments and transactions.

You can send and receive currency through their dogecoin wallets quickly with just a minute of confirmation.

With this cryptocurrency you can also tip content creators or artists online.

¿How Dogecoin works?

Dogecoin works with a consensus structure based on Litecoin’s Scrypt making it much faster and more efficient, therefore, it shares certain characteristics with BTC.

The developers designed the funniest currency on the internet with a maximum unit cap of 100 million doge.

Such a cap was removed a few months after its release.

This is one of the reasons why the coin does not increase in value as much compared to other cryptocurrencies.

¿How is Dogecoin regulated?

Like Bitcoin, Doge is not regulated by any financial entity or government, they are the participants in charge of protecting the creation of blocks by verifying transactions through the doge blockchain.

¿Why do people use Dogecoin?

Doge is an innovative currency, fast and easy, people use Dogecoin for its low transaction fees and fast confirmation time, its buying and selling are instant as you can use it at any time of the day and it is relatively easy, categorized as one of the funniest cryptocurrencies on the market.

¿How is Dogecoin different from other stablecoins?

Dogecoin is an inflationary currency, its low commission price is much cheaper, its transactions are carried out faster unlike other currencies on the market that do have an emission limit, its costs are higher and they are slower at the time. to confirm a transaction.

¿Where can i buy it?

One of the ways where you can buy DOGE is through Binance, since it has a great variety tradable in trade, you can exchange a cryptocurrency, fiat cryptocurrencies or simply use a debit or credit card to buy the stablecoin, deposits are also allowed banking.

¿Where to find more information?

For more information such as movements, prices, explorers, contracts and more you can visit the following link:

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