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What is Enjin Coin


¿What is Enjin Coin?

Enjin coin is an ERC – 20 token that supports digital assets launched through its Enjin network.

Enjin, is a gaming system with the largest online community, with more than 18 million players and 250 thousand gaming societies or communities.

Designed with the purpose of access to distribution, storage backup, and the incorporation of NFTS.

Also, it provides a system of game elements linked and supported on the blockchain.

Launched on the Ethereum mainnet in June 2018.

Enjin was founded as a gaming community platform in 2009 by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski.

¿What does it offer?

Enjin offers game developers to tokenize game components on the Ethereum blockchain using enjin coin.

This means that items can be sold, traded or even bought for real money.

¿How does it work?

Enjin coin works through a sequence of smart contracts, which game developers refer to ENJ to generate unique and innovative ERC – 1155 fungible and non-fungible tokens.

These tokens can be traded on the enjin marketplace or exchanged for your supporting ENJ at any time.

As more unique tokens are generated, more ENJs are suppressed or removed from the system, making it scarcer.

Also, enjin coin employs a sequence of tasks both on-chain and off-chain.

In addition, when transactions are completed on the enjin system, a highly reliable network contacts the users’ smart wallets and the website immediately, the game is updated with a non-commercial version digitally, until the transaction is verified by the Ethereum blockchain.

¿How is Enjin Coin regulated?

It is backed by the ENJ company.

¿Why do people use Enjin Coin?

People use Enjin Coin, since it is very interesting and has certain characteristics that make it special, such as its tokens that are located on the network, supported by ENJ.

This currency works to grant liquidity to items within a game in the real world.

Finally, this network is growing periodically, also in the near future there is the possibility of finding digital articles supported by ENJ.

¿How is Enjin Coin different from other projects?

Unlike other projects, Enjin coin makes use of smart contracts, in which game developers remit ENJs, to generate unique fungible and non-fungible ERC-1155 tokens.

Likewise, these tokens can be traded on the enjin marketplace, or can be exchanged for your support ENJ at any time.

As more tokens are generated, ENJs are removed from the system, making it scarcer.

¿Where can i buy it?

One of the ways where you can buy ENJ is through Binance, since it has a great variety negotiable in commerce, you can exchange a cryptocurrency, fiduciary cryptocurrency or simply use a debit or credit card to buy the stablecoin, they are also allowed bank deposits.

¿Where to find more information?

For more information such as movements, prices, explorers, contracts and more, you can visit the following link:

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