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What is Harmony


¿What is Harmony?

Harmony is a blockchain, with slicing infrastructure, built on speed and protection in dapps (decentralized applications).

This network was created in 2017, by a team made up of 12 people, originating from large companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.

The main blockchain was launched in 2019, with the aim of building a cross-chain NFT market and building bridges with polkadot and bitcoin.

¿What does it offer?

Harmony offers its native ONE token as it functions as an operating and governing COIN within the community.

¿How does it work?

This blockchain makes use of proof of stake as the underlying technology (it uses the Bitcoin code to function).

The main network has four divisions, each with a thousand nodes that develop blocks in less than 10 seconds.

The consensus procedure in Harmony is structured in the development team called Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) which results in a more agile consensus for transactions in the block.

The Fast BFT (FBFT) instrument in the underlying structure makes transaction fees very cheap on this blockchain.

The EPoS ecosystem makes this network more decentralized and enables innovations such as incentive composition and limiting double signatures.

¿How is Harmony regulated?

Being a decentralized network, there is no financial entity that regulates it.

¿Why do people use Harmony?

Harmony tries to get more efficient handling of approved trusts, such as the division of PoS infrastructures.

¿How is Harmony different from other blockchains?

Unlike other blockchains, Harmony has a strong ability to quickly shard and create blockchains.

This network not only divides the nodes of the network, but also divides three phases of the blockchain which are: the network, transactions and storage.

This split makes harmony a scalable blockchain.

¿Where can i buy it?

One of the ways where you can buy ONE is through Binance as it has a lot of tradable variety in the trade, you can exchange a cryptocurrency, fiat cryptocurrencies or just use a debit or credit card to buy the stablecoin, deposits are also allowed banking.

¿Where to find more information?

For more information such as movements, prices, explorers, contracts and more, you can visit the following link:

¿Did you know that you can buy and sell USDT and BUSD online thanks to Gastcoin Gateway?

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