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¿What is Luno?

¿What is Luno?

Luno is an exchange platform, structured for the purchase and sale of currencies such as Ethereum, USD Coin, Ripple and Bitcoin.

Users can also choose payment methods as they like, including bank transfers and credit or debit cards to buy crypto.

This platform gives access to the generation of highly personalized profiles of cryptocurrencies, all this to facilitate commercial operations using mobile apps on iOS and Android devices.

Cryptocurrencies available

Luno is a platform focused on the purchase and sale of the two top cryptocurrencies in the market, which are:

Bitcoin (BTC) y Ethereum (ETH).

How to create an account in Luno

Creating an account in Luno is very easy to do and here we will tell you step by step how to register, so let’s get started.

The first thing you should do is install the app through the store of your mobile device.

Remember that this platform is available for Android and iOS.

¿Qué es Luno?

We enter a valid email address, then a password and click “Next” or “siguiente” to continue.

You must also verify that you are not a robot by accepting the reCAPTCHA.

¿Qué es Luno?

Next, confirm your email address, to continue with the proper registration.

¿Qué es Luno?

Genera un nuevo PIN, para mayor seguridad.

Enter your phone number.

Perfect, your Luno account has been created, enjoy it.


It is a viable option for buying and selling BTC AND ETH.

The registration process is completely simple and fast.

It has security elements in its optimal wallets.

Available for Android and iOS.

Easy to use.


Your customer service is not optimized.

Regulatory entities are viable, but they do not have licenses as such, unlike other platforms available on the market.

It is not available for countries outside of Europe.

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