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What is Namebase? Advantages and disadvantages of using it

¿What is Namebase?

Namebase, is a cryptocurrency exchange originally from San Francisco, this platform works as a bridge so that shareholders can acquire and sell Handshake coins (establishment of communication).

The platform also provides a cloud wallet and a top-level domain (TDL) registrar.

Also, this exchange has a decent trading fee, a 0.10% – 0.00% trading fee for the individual taker-producer.

Cryptocurrencies available on Namebase

This platform currently has a very limited selection of coins, which are the following:

Bitcoin and Handshake Coin.

How to create an account in Namebase

Creating an account in Namebase is very easy to do and then we will explain step by step how to do it, so let’s get started.

The first step to take is to enter the official “Namebase” page, then look for the “Sign Up” option and click to continue with the proper registration.

Enter the following information: email and password.

¿Qué es Namebase?

Likewise, you will receive an email with an attached link to verify and authorize the opening of your account,

Enter the link to start using the support of the exchange.

¿Qué es Namebase?

Sign in with your previously selected email and password.

¿Qué es Namebase?

And ready! At this time, you will be able to enter the system immediately, and you will be able to operate with Namebase.

¿Qué es Namebase?


The platform has affordable fees, a set of cryptocurrencies is provided that it is unlikely to find these fees on other platforms.

The exchange provides a good trading interface: easily accessible with understandable resources.

It has a license to create trusted areas for URLs that can be accessed on the web without following the old limits of others.


Low volume: as it is a little-known platform, the flow of transactions is low.

This platform has few supported cryptocurrencies, payment methods are limited.

Based on the information found on the Internet, the support service is average.

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