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What is Near Protocol


¿What is Near Protocol?

Near Protocol is a public blockchain that enables the growth of decentralized applications, launched in 2020.

For being a relatively young blockchain, it will become a great competitor for the Ethereum network.

Likewise, NEAR Inc is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

One of the qualities of Near is that it uses a method of horizontal division (sharing), distinguished as Nightsad to prevent the slowness of the processes in the chain and achieve greater scalability.

¿What does it offer?

Near mainly offers to accelerate the growth of decentralized applications and maintain them. They reach thousands and even millions of users.

NEAR Inc claims to be secure enough to handle valuable assets and user information.

NEAR is largely simple for novice users, putting the power of the open network in your hands.

¿How does it work?

Near works as an absolutely accessible blockchain, for developers and users.

Near uses its own consensus protocol, called Threshold proof of stake.

Also, authentication nodes are randomly chosen among users participating in NEAR and users who get more reservations are more likely to be selected to verify transactions.

However, in NEAR, validators are rewarded through token supply inflation and storage fees.

In this way they ensure rates ten thousand times more agile and cheaper than Ethereum.

¿How is Near Protocol regulated?

Being a decentralized network, there is no financial entity that regulates it.

¿Why do people use Near Protocol?

People use NEAR because it has been programmed by a group of tools to make it faster for developers who want to build decentralized applications.

¿How is Near Protocol different from other blockchain platforms?

Unlike other blockchains, NEAR seeks to be a competitor with Ethereum, allowing greater scalability, its main advantage is that NEAR is very easy to use.

This platform uses Gitpod technology (allows developers to maintain development environments as code) speeding up operation by giving developers access, providing smart contracts easily from a browser.

¿Where can i buy it?

One of the ways you can buy NEAR is through Binance as they have a wide variety of tradables on the trade, you can trade a cryptocurrency, fiat cryptocurrencies or just use a debit or credit card to buy the stablecoin, bank deposits are also allowed.

¿Where to find more information?

For more information such as movements, prices, explorers, contracts and more you can visit the following link:

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