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What is TIDEBIT? Advantages and disadvantages of using it

¿What is TIDEBIT?

TIDEBIT, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform located in Hong Kong, active since 2017.

Likewise, Hong Kong is the base of currency trading to think about this there is a big difference between Tidebit and many other platforms as Tidebit does not allow crypto-to-crypto trading.

This exchange which is only in English and Chinese, targets the domestic market and traders from China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia since June 2019, moreover, Tidebit brought its mobile trading interface design to the market.

Currently, this platform is not available for global trading, it is only available for users residing in Hong Kong.

Cryptocurrencies available

Below we will present the cryptocurrencies available on Tidebit:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin (BTC)


Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Filecoin (FIL)



Create an account in TIDEBIT

Creating an account on TIDBIT is not possible at the moment the platform is not a global trade, it is an internal crypto exchange.

¿Qué es TIDEBIT?

This platform only works in Hong Kong and other neighboring countries however the platform has not had any recent updates since 2019.

The website, despite being active, does not have good content or attractive offers for users.


Accessible through iOS and Android mobile phones.

This exchange has a nice design that quickly redirects users to the trading window.

The financial activities of this project contribute to finding good prices for the supported tokens.


The transaction fees are very high.

The withdrawal fee is also expensive.

User fluency is low.

This project is currently not available for global trade. It’s hard to recommend this company, at least you’re from Hong Kong.

There is not so much value in the features that this development offers, In addition, it has not received updates.

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