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At Gastcoin S.L. We came up with the idea of matching the convenience and efficiency of card payment with tokenisation payment. Developing a global and decentralised payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with WordPress (in future versions: Prestashop, Shopify, OpenCart and Magento), allowing the payment with stablecoins, Gastcoin or own tokens (premium pack).

It can also be used without a website, thanks to Gastcoin Gateway for Telegram, ideal for payments for express services, in physical shops or between friends.

We have all thought the same: why is it not as easy to make payments with cryptocurrencies in online stores as with credit cards? If we all know that money based on blockchain technology is as valid as fiat money, what is needed for the money blockchain to be used by everyone? What is the missing detail?

The payment method needs to be simplified for all sellers to incorporate it into their payment methods. Also, it needs to be easier for buyers to make transactions so that they only have to transfer the amount. And with Gastcoin we will be the first to innovate tokenized payments, where millions of people will join to create an unstoppable community.

In this Whitepaper, you will find all the details you need to know to be part of this disruptive project.

What drives us?

Several problems are blocking human development, and we firmly believe that we can be the instrument that overcomes them.

Social mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies

The use of cryptocurrencies is becoming more widespread, but it hasn’t yet reached the critical mass of the population that will generate global acceptance. It’s no longer an unimportant, automatic minority of romantic holders of digital currencies. The following graph shows an unstoppable trend and a potential never seen before:

Every day new people acquire tokens for the first time, venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies. There are lots of people exchanging assets and services that will drive the rest to use it. This can be between 40% and 50% of the population.

And the biggest problem for which this hasn’t happened is that a large part of society still doesn’t know how to do it. It’s not simple because there’s no easy payment method available at the end of every shopping cart or across the counter in a store, but we’re going to change that.


In some cases, products or services cannot be paid for tokenization payments because the option isn’t available. Why would this option be offered if there is already a super easy method through credit cards?

Because paying with cryptocurrencies will eliminate bank commissions with the consequent increase in the cost of products, services, and taxes. Don’t you think? Read on, and you will see.

At Gastcoin S.L. we came up with the idea of matching the convenience and efficiency of card payment with tokenisation payment. Developing a global and decentralised payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with WordPress (in future versions: Prestashop, Shopify, OpenCart and Magento), allowing the payment with stablecoins, Gastcoin or own tokens (premium pack).

If you want to purchase in an online store, you must add the items to the shopping cart and enter your card details to complete the payment. How easy! Well done, banking system! If it wasn’t for the fact that these payments incur high commissions that end up impacting the buyer and his willingness to spend. PayPal charges 3.4% – 5.6%. Banks charge different percentages for the use of Virtual POS (Virtual Point of Sale) and Physical POS, ranging from fixed-rate payments or percentages of sales. To qualify you must be associated with the bank with payroll, social security, or direct debit receipts.

A direct payment system between the seller and the buyer reduces prices for the buyer and increases profit margins for the seller.

Currently it’s possible to pay with cryptocurrencies or tokens. The store administrator (virtual or physical) can provide the wallet address to the customer so that he/she can manually transfer the exact amount. But we can do better. Blockchain 2.0 technology has opened the door to a decentralized world where commissions disappear to almost zero.

Gastcoin Gateway is born as the payment gateway that allows you to to pay directly from your wallet the exact amount, in stablecoins, Gastcoin (our native token) or with another token of your own, without entering any details. Incidentally, this reduces to zero the possibility of making mistakes when transferring amounts, an issue that is also appreciated.

Gastcoin and stablecoins, tokens that uses BEP-20 technology guarantees quick transactions (between 3 and 15 seconds) to be verified. As opposed to OMNI technology (from Bitcoin) which takes between 36 minutes and 2 hours, or ERC-20 technology (from Ethereum) that needs a few minutes to tens of minutes.

Some apps allow wallet-to-wallet transfers, but they’re still manual. We have thought the same as others; the difference is that we have made real what everyone would love to have. With Gastcoin Gateway it’s not about making a transfer; it’s a gateway that enables direct payment for the set amount.

Talent lost

The implications of solving the above problems go far beyond what we can imagine. But check it out:

Not solving the problem of access to an independent payment system has tremendous and even perverse consequences, since apart from facilitating access to a disruptive exchange system such as the Gastcoin Gateway, it permits access for everyone under the same democratic conditions. There are many citizens of the world whose access to global trade (both to sell to the world and buy from it) it’s impossible because they’re limited to using only their local currency. Exchange control, operations control, enormous commissions on international trade, this entirely means that they can never be your clients.

But the worst consequences of not solving this problem mean that the world is losing an amount of talent that it cannot afford. There’s a possible future for humanity, nobler and more prosperous thanks to all the minds capable of elevating human development, who have managed to develop their ideas because they were unlimited by lack of resources, limited access to funding, or insufficient opportunities.

If each young person knew the value of their abilities and didn’t base their talent on what society or resources impose on them, young people wouldn’t need to migrate elsewhere. Impoverishing their native place because they lose this person and enriching other places because their talent will be added to many others, amplifying the social and economic differences between regions within the same country and between countries in our world.

The world won’t change because of a single event, but small changes generate enormous changes. We can summarize a popular English song to explain it. This song exemplifies the chaos theory according to which any action or omission, no matter how small or insignificant, it’s capable of altering the medium and long-term consequences. This song, based on the poem “Jacula Prudentum” by George Herbert (1651), goes:

“For want of a nail the shoe was lost;
For want of a shoe the horse was lost;
For want of a horse the battle was lost;
For the failure of battle the kingdom was lost;
All for the want of a horse-shoe nail.”

“For a token, a problem was solved,
For a problem solved, decentralized payment became popular,
Because of decentralized payment, talent did not leave their country,
Because talent did not leave their country, countries developed homogeneously.
And all because of a token that solved a problem.”

Talent doesn’t choose where to be born. And every nation in the whole world can’t provide its citizens with an environment to operate on a level playing field with the rest of the world.

If human talent is wasted or cannot be developed, human development is lost, and we all lose. Also, don’t forget that less emigration means less suffering for families; they won’t be separate, which is very agreeable.


Businesses and entrepreneurs cannot afford to suffer from the enormous volatility of cryptocurrencies, with crazy weekly appreciations and depreciations. Bitcoin and Ether have experienced rises and falls of more than 30% in a very short time.

Gastcoin Gateway uses smart contract technology to include stablecoins as a payment method, special cryptocurrencies linked 1 to 1 with the US dollar ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC…) or the euro ($EURT, $EUROC).

Therefore, stablecoins bring together the best of both worlds, on the one hand the immediate and secure access to them, as they are not affected by the absence of physical banknotes and coins, which can contribute to the growth of the black market, and the stability of fiat currencies.  

But what can you expect from this project? Gastcoin is an integrator project, so, at the very least, you have to expect to be part of the integration. “Integration” is an enormous word. An integrated world is a happy world because the economy becomes part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Thus you get all the income you need to develop your life because you have easy access to all your customers, anywhere in the world, without financial, bureaucratic, or economic obstacles.

Project stages

We have divided our project into 3 stages (the first two have been completed).

The first stage covers all e-commerce and is implemented, having already a beta version thanks to the Gastcoin Gateway plugin. It allows payment with $GAST, $USDT, $BUSD, $USDC and e-commerce tokens.

The second stage includes payments via Telegram for anyone who wants to use Gastcoin Gateway and does not have a website. Ideal for payments between friends or in any type of business.

The third stage involves physical commerce and will allow payments (thanks to Gastcoin Pay) with the same ease that in physical stores, with or without an online presence. Opening up participation in the “unbanked trade” world to many more generations (in case you haven’t noticed, it’s our motto, and it’s so good we felt the need to remind you).

This project is alive, and as you will see in the “Token Distribution” section, we’re focusing on a long-term project (5 years), where our ideas and those of our community will make us reach new stages.

Stage 1: In online stores

These days, if someone wants to get paid in their stores with tokens, they have to use their wallet and wait for the customer to make the transfer manually. Thanks to Gastcoin Gateway process will be done automatically, just as it’s done today with the integration of PayPal or credit cards through Virtual POS, only with fewer commissions.

This easy access (due to Gastcoin Gateway) is a reality on the leading e-commerce platform because of our extension for WordPress (WooCommerce).

Gastcoin Gateway permits payments in $GAST; as well as $USDT, $USDC and $BUST, the most popular stablecoins, or in the merchant’s own token, if the premium plan is active.

Transactions made with these stablecoins ($USDT, $USDC and $BUSD) or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ether ($ETH) through Gastcoin Gateway and Gastcoin Pay will have a 0.5% minimum commission as part of the service (and maximum of 1.5%, which will be distributed as follows via smart contracts). Transactions with $GAST will have a 0% commission:


  1. Gastcoin S.L. will charge a commission of 0.5% for each transaction made with $USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH or the trade’s own token via smart contracts.
  2. Transactions in $GAST will not be charged a fee.
  3. All commissions collected in $USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH or the trade’s own token by Gastcoin S.L. will be automatically converted to $GAST via smart contracts.

Fees sharing:

The merchant has two options available to him in the admin panel: enable or disable commission sharing:

  1. If merchant disable this option, the minimum commission will be charged by Gastcoin S.L. (0.5% for the service).
  2. If merchant enable this option, a commission of 1.5% will be charged, which will be automatically converted to $GAST and distributed as follows via smart contracts:
  • 0.5% of the payment will go to the buyer’s wallet as a bonus in $GAST.
  • 0.5% will go to the seller’s wallet as a bonus in $GAST. The seller receives the payment in the selected token + the bonus in $GAST.
  • 0.5% will go to the Gastcoin S.L. wallet on sevice commission.

In addition, the merchant can choose whether the commissions (0.5% or 1.5%) are paid in full by the buyer or by the seller.

For example, in a purchase of a USD 100 product, where the seller has selected a fee of 1.5%:

  • “Buyer pays fees”, the final price of the product will be $101.50 USD. Of which, the seller receives 100 USD in the token selected by the buyer ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH, own $token) + 0.5 USD in $GAST in his wallet. The buyer pays 101.50 USD in the token he has selected ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH, $token own) and receives 0.5 USD in $GAST in his wallet. Gastcoin S.L. receives 0.5 USD in $GAST as fee.
  • “Seller pays fees”, the final price of the product will be 100.00 USD. Of which, the seller receives 98.50USD in the token selected by the buyer ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH, own $token) + 0.5 USD in $GAST in his wallet. The buyer pays 100.00 USD in the token he has selected ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH, own $token) and receives 0.5 USD in $GAST in his wallet. Gastcoin S.L. receives 0.5 USD in $GAST as fee.

On a purchase of a USD 100 product, where the seller has selected a fee of 0.5%:

  • “Buyer pays fees”, the final price of the product will be $100.50 USD. Of which, the seller receives 100 USD in the token selected by the buyer ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH, $token own). The buyer pays 100.50 USD in the token he has selected ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH, $own token). Gastcoin S.L. receives 0.5 USD in $GAST as fee.
  • “Seller pays fees”, the final price of the product will be $100.00 USD. Of which, the seller receives 99.50 USD in the token selected by the buyer ($USDT, $USDC, $BUSD, $BTC, $ETH, $token own). The buyer pays 100.00 USD in the token he has selected ($USDT, $BUSD, $USDC, $BTC, $ETH, $own token). Gastcoin S.L. receives 0.5 USD in $GAST as fee.

Finally, if the buyer decides to pay in $GAST, the final price will be 100.00 USD in $GAST, without fees.

Currently, there is no commission charged for payment with $USDT, $USDC and $BUSD. The commission will be incorporated as soon as the critical mass of 4,000 e-commerce in use is reached.

These purchases will be totally and decentralized, so users aren’t required to create accounts. The signing of the agreement will add the 0.5% fee to the purchase of products with stablecoin (or 1.5% on transactions with any token other than $BUSD, $USDT, $USDC or $GAST). Of course, in the case of $GAST, no fee will be charged.

The only requirements needed to make purchases with Gastcoin Gateway will be to have a Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet account logged into the browser where you’re going to make the purchase, have enough tokens of the chosen cryptocurrency in your wallet, and $BNB to pay for the gas if you use the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network or $MATIC if you use the Polygon MATIC network.

The requirements to charge with Gastcoin Gateway in Stage 1 are:  to have WordPress with WooCommerce (in future versions: Shopify, Prestashop, OpenCart or Magento) and, have the Gastcoin Gateway plugin installed and to have Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet as a wallet.Co

How Gastcoin Gateway works

Using the Gastcoin Gateway is very simple. Let’s look at it from both the buyer’s point of view and the seller’s point of view.

Gastcoin Gateway for the buyer

The only requirements buyers must fulfill are:

  • Have Metamask wallet, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet in the browser that will be used to purchase in the virtual store.
  • Have enough $GAST, $BUSD, $USDC o $USDT in Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet to make the purchase.
  • Have enough $BNB to pay for gas transactions in the BSC network or have enough $MATIC to pay for gas transactions in the Polygon MATIC network.
matic token

How to use Gastcoin Gateway


The only requirements that sellers must fulfill are:

  • Have WordPress with WooCommerce e-commerce:
  • Have a BEP-20 compatible wallet or ERC-20 compatible wallet .
Steps to follow: Example for WordPressStep 1: Search for the Gastcoin Gateway plugin in the WordPress repository…

… and install it.

Step 2: Go to Woocommerce > Settings > Payments and on Gastcoin Gateway go to “set up”.

Step 3: Enable Gastcoin Gateway, fill in the fields, and indicate which wallet will receive the funds:

All operations performed can be reviewed from the administration panel:

Stage 2: Gastcoin Gateway for Telegram

Gastcoin Gateway for Telegram is now a reality, as is Gastcoin Gateway for e-commerce on WordPress and is 100% operational.

Gastcoin Gateway for Telegram is intended for all those who wish to receive stablecoin payments and do not have a website, making it ideal for day-to-day payments.

Its operation is very simple and intuitive.

  • Step 1: Search for Gastcoin Gateway on Telegram:
  • Step 2: Start the bot:
  • Step 3: Type “/address” followed by a space and the address of the BEP-20 or ERC-20 wallet where you want to receive the payment.
  • Step 4: Add the amount to be collected in dollars, which you will receive in $USDT, $USDC or $BUSD.
  • Step 5: Share the payment link or QR code with your customer or friend so they can transfer the funds to you.

Stage 3: Physical commerce using Gastcoin Pay

Stage 3 will leap physical commerce and to the people-to-people exchange of cryptocurrencies via QR codes. Breaking the barrier between the analog and digital worlds and reaching the critical mass of users needed for a massive, global expansion.

In the fourth quarter 2022, we will implement an app that enables sellers of products and services in physical stores to indicate the amount to be charged and generate a QR code that the buyer will scan, allowing payment directly from their compatible BEP-20 and ERC-20 wallet. The system will be the same as the bank card payment with contactless. The same system can be used for person-to-person cryptocurrency exchange, with or without commercial transactions.

To pay, the buyer must have in his/her wallet the minimum required amount of $GAST, $USDT, $BUSD, $USDC or own token or cryptocurrency of choice.

We will also create an API so that any programmer will have access to the libraries and data needed to make payments with Gastcoin Gateway. This is vital because, after WooCommerce online stores, most online stores are custom stores, and the Gastcoin Gateway payment button can be integrated into them.

Payments and transactions through Gastcoin Pay can be made via QR code, wallet or NFC (near-field communication) technology.

Project status

At this date, we have completed Stage 1. Gastcoin Gateway compatible with Woocommerce is now operational and available for installation in the WordPress repository.

Gastcoin Gateway

Beta version data:

  • Connection with Metamask libraries.
  • Connection with Gastcoin API to get complementary data for Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet.
  • Converter to pay the amount based on USD in $GAST.
  • Integration as a payment gateway in WooCommerce.
  • Gastcoin Gateway plugin available on

Token $GAST

To make transactions on Gastcoin Gateway we have developed the $GAST token, which is the basis of the Gastcoin ecosystem.

Technical token data:

    • Based on BEP-20.
    • Token name: Gastcoin ($GAST)
    • Total amount: 2,100,000,000
    • Decimals: 18


At Gastcoin we avoid inflation, and for that reason, we limit the maximum number of tokens to two billion one hundred million totals (2,100,000,000,000,000), which will be distributed over five years in Gastcoin. The money must be in the hands of the holders.

Marketing strategies

Raising awareness of the token and the Gastcoin ecosystem is critical.

The community will play a key role in this expansive process. Gastcoin will be known through:

Virtual and physical stores that implement and accept it.

  • Advertising in social networks.
  • Collaborations with influencers.
  • Airdrop.
  • SEO.
  • Email marketing.
  • Merchandising.

Token distribution

Official price: 1 USD = 262.5 GAST

Private presale: 1 USD = 1.050 GAST

IDO price: 25% discount on official price

  • Private Investors: 5%
  • IDO: 20%
  • ICO: 10%
  • Marketing (5 years): 10%
  • Development (5 years): 5%
  • Team (5 years): 10%
  • Liquidity: 22%
  • Reserves: 15%
  • Airdrop: 3%

The sale to private investors will be as follows:

  1. 20% when the token is listed in a Polygon network swap.
  2. 10% released after 12 months.
  3. From month 13 onwards, 10% is released each month.
  4. Vesting by smart contract.
  5. Tokens will be released to the same address with which they are booked.
  • The community will decide whether we do the IDO on a LaunchPad or on
  • The liquidity will be used to list the Gastcoin $GAST token.
  • The reserve will be used to protect the price of the token.
  • The IDO/ICO will be released linearly after the 4th month for 20 months, 5% per month.

This is a long-term project, and we are demonstrating our commitment and our confidence by releasing the funds to the team for 5 years. We are here to change everything!

After 5 years the project will continue to be maintained by income that the company will have from the sale of products and services, development of WordPress plugins, hosting services… all paid in Gastcoin, and many more surprises.


The Gastcoin community is vital because, without them, we’re nothing, and with them, we’re everything.

We have created multiple social networks to stay in contact with our community, both in English and Spanish.

We also want to have the help of our community. That’s why members can email us at to become community moderators or to apply for technical positions that we will be announcing, as we are constantly expanding.

Social networks


Telegram – ES:

Telegram – EN:

Instagram – ES: @gastcoin_es

Instagram – EN: @gastcoin_en



Gastcoin S.L. team

The Gastcoin S.L. team is composed of humans with feelings. A project with a vision and mission of this magnitude would not be possible without these qualities.

We added great skills and great interest in changing the rules’ games.

Gastcoin Gateway, Gastcoin Pay y $GAST are managed by Gastcoin S.L., our company$GAST is a token without community governance.

Less loading time means faster websites, which is great for better positioning in regions with fast Internet, but essential and a must in regions with slow connections, where it would penalize administrators and visitors.

The entire team is working remotely throughout Latin America and Europe: Spain, Estonia, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela.

The company

Company name: Gastcoin S.L.

CIF: B09742891

Address: Torre de Cristal: Cuatro Torres Business Area, Paseo de la Castellana, 259C, 18º floor, CP 28046, Madrid


The team

Cristian A Sanchez G

Cristian Angel Sanchez

CEO & Founder

Full stack programmer with more than 9 years of experience. Proficient in all major programming languages including blockchain development, as well as deep knowledge in digital marketing, SEO and e-commerce consulting.

Fabio Wizner

Fabio Wizner Cuevas

Legal advisor & Compliance

Legal Advisor specialized in blockchain and responsible for the supervision and management of compliance issues within an organization, criminal law and liability of legal persons.

Javier Carroz

Javier Carroz

CTO & co-founder

Full stack programmer (Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, C#, NodeJS, Dart, Typescript, Swift…). He has extensive knowledge of multi-platform application development.

Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal

Advisor IT​

Commercial Director at IBM | Former General Manager of the Joint Venture IBM and Vodafone | Sales exec. at managed services incl. P&L Design Director at high speed (Germany).

Fernando Alvarez

Fernando Alvarez

CFO & co-founder

Manager of big online communities for more than 10 years, with experience in advertising and expert in trading contracts for difference (CFDs).


Rosannys Guerra

CDO & co-founder

Graphic designer | Content creator for RRSS | UX/UI experience | Freelancer | Freelance | Entrepreneur | Entrepreneur.

Daniel Vidal

Daniel Vidal

Sales Manager

Commercial management in the chemical industry, specialist in sales of technological solutions and passionate about innovation.

Whitepaper Changelog​

  • V0.5.0 – 2021-10-xx
  • Add to
  • Add Trust Wallet
  • Add Coinbase Wallet

Wallets and contracts




  • Research of available technologies for the development of the project.


  • Creation of the Gastcoin Gateway API
  • Integration with BSC


  • Plugin creation
  • First tests
  • Team building
  • First internal demo


  • Gastcoin Gateway launched on
  • Upgrade to the stable version


  • Tests with the first clients


First Quarter:

  • Creation and registration of Gastcoin S.L.
  • Activation of the 0.5% fee on each transaction

Second Quarter:

  • Enabling the use of personalised tokens
  • 100+ active installations (Gastcoin Gateway)
  • Integration with Polygon MATIC

Third Quarter:

  • Launch of Gastcoin Gateway for Telegram

Fourth quarter:

  • + 200 active installations (Gastcoin Gateway)
  • Gastcoin Pay launched for iOS, Android and browsers
  • Launching Gastcoin Gateway on Prestashop
  • Launching Gastcoin Gateway on Shopify
  • Launching Gastcoin Gateway on OpenCart
  • Launching Gastcoin Gateway in Magento


First Quarter:

  • + 1,000 active installations (Gastcoin Gateway)
  • + 100 users with Gastcoin Pay


First Quarter:

  • + 30,000 active installations (Gastcoin Gateway)
  • + 5,000 users with Gastcoin Pay